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 Classy Lessons


Classic Movies

Glamour Puss. Coined in 1941 at the height of the Silver Screen era, this phrase epitomizes such notables as Joan Crawford, Gene Tierney and Bette Davis.

Unquestionably, their ranks included the drop-dead gorgeous. Yet, most were memorable for a look, a presence, a larger-than-life attitudethattranscended beauty. Objective analysis often discloses a surprising lack of perfection of face or form. What made their characters fairly leap off the screen? Why do they linger so hauntingly in our memories?

Glamour, starring such elusive qualities as charm and allure. Illusion played a supporting role, incorporating make-up, hairstyle, costume, accoutrement. Forget letting it all hang out. These babes had it all carefully packed in. And what a package, replete with trompe l’oeil, elegance, mystery. Erle Stanley Gardner of Perry Mason fame opined that a women should dress so as to inspire interest but not to satisfy curiosity.

Alas, you say. You lack a coterie of professionals to turn you out? Not to worry. We can become understudies by reviewing the scripts and reading between the lines.

The entire article contains the following lessons:

Coif Up

Hose Down

Biff, Bam, Pow, Zowie

Haute Couture

Role Play

Curtain Call

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