Deborah J. Rebolloso

Author of 

Fou Fou’s New ’Do
(And a Tutu, Too)

The Wrinkled Weebis

and Other Dead Giveaways

              “She walks in beauty, like the night,” gushed Lord Byron. Enter the loveliest of women:  svelte and youthful, adroit evader of, to the envy of all her friends, underarm dingle-dangle. Ahhh.

Now exit said glamour puss. Uh-oh. Get a loada that cubitus.


A largely forgotten body part betrays the passing of one’s young buckette stage:  the cubitus, known in polite circles as the elbow, and its surrounding skin, the weebis. For most women, however, elbow ennui ranks right up there with fear of pleated palms.


According to an Internet write-up on brachioplasty (upper arm tightening, taking elbow skin along for the ride), “the resulting scar is not always satisfactory.” I’d love to see one of those “satisfactory scars.”


So, before enriching yet another cosmetic surgeon by scheduling a weebisectomy, consider some whimsical, and less costly, options.




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