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Fou Fou’s New ’Do
(And a Tutu, Too)

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Welcome to My Website!  

Aka Deb Reb, ever resourceful, I shrewdly decided to cash in on my "sassitude" and write humor and satire.

I hope you enjoy my 'Cut on the Bias' view of life.

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Announcing the publication of a new children's book:

Fou Fou's New 'Do
(And a Tutu, Too)

Fou Fou the flea shares a home with beaucoups brothers and sisters in a flea market in Paris. She doesn't mind being named Fou Fou (Silly Silly) if she gets to eat her favorite food, croissants.

In this delightful adventure, Fou Fou finds a way to add some frou frou to her life. She enlists the help of a friend to create a new 'do and a tutu, too. The added bonus? Both hair and tutu are her favorite color, orange!

A unique feature of Fou Fou's story is the interweaving of basic French words throughout, along with a language guide at the end. Fou Fou's story combines three elements designed to enthrall a youngster: the joy of reading (or being read to), the thrill of discovering creative solutions to problems, and the pleasure of learning a new language.

So, treat your favorite young one (and yourself) to an adventure that won't be forgotten! An adventure worth more than the $4.95 to download the pdf version that you can copy on your printer to give as a gift. It's just one click away! A tout a l'heure!

I previously wrote a monthly column, "Humor Me," for, an ezine for writers.
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